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Post-Op Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

90 minutes: $252

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage is performed after surgery to help the entire process of healing. It is totally normal and expected that after surgery the body gets swollen, you will feel bloated which comes with swelling and pain. Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage will prevent the buildup of fluids accumulated after surgery, decrease pain considerably as well as release toxins giving the entire body a less swollen appearance and sensation of relief.

Note: This treatment can have a truly positive impact on the patient.
A minimum of 12 sessions is recommended. Please plan your post-op treatments one month prior to your surgery date, as the first session should be scheduled for the day after the surgical procedure and we do get booked 3-4 weeks in advance.
The 12 sessions should be scheduled as follows:

    • 3 Sessions per week in the first four weeks following surgical procedure.

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

90 minutes: $252

The Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage is a modality to help your body release fluid retention, detox, encourages relaxation, stress reduction, improves circulation, deeply flushes the system, promotes respiratory health and better sleeping patterns.

Brazilian Body Contouring

75 minutes: $270

This massage is a mixture of modalities combining invigorating and fast strokes, with the gentle approach of Lymphatic Drainage and Pressure Point if needed. Brazilian Body Contouring Massage main purposes are to give definition to the body curves and reduce inches. Manipulating the adipose tissue to give a desirable shape in the arms, back, abdominal area and inner thighs. Consequently, the appearance of cellulite will improve considerably and you will be really pleased with the results! Call us to book a consultation.

Healing Touch

90 minutes: $324

Healing Touch is a mix of exclusive maneuvers of the techniques of Brazilian Body Contouring and Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage. It works as an immediate manual lipo sculpture, ensuring uniform skin and more defined muscles. Its distinctive touch reduces measurements, deflates and transforms the skin texture with results that can be seen in the first session. The continuous treatment of this technique guarantees a perfect silhouette and a highly contoured body.

STRIORT • End Of Stretch Mark

90 minutes: $450


Reduces the appearance of White Stretch marks by up to 80% in the first session.

The session is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. It includes consultation, detox and application of cosmeceuticals.

It also includes the line of products to continue treatment at home for 20 days.


30 minutes: $54

Option 1: ACNE

It kills acne bacteria and decreases inflammation. Not only clearing existing acne but also preventing future breakouts.

Option 2: ANTI-AGING

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improves skin texture, firmness, and clarity.


Ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasm, and arthritis by accelerating tissue repair and circulation.

Treatment lasts 30 minutes and is recommended 2 times a week for a period of 2 months.


30 minutes: $72

The consultation is a way for a client and therapist to bond and develop a detailed customized plan outlining what course of treatment would be best aligned to meet a client’s specific goals and expectations.

On the day of your consultation, we will discuss your goals, habits, nutrition and the types of activities you undertake, to form a realistic plan that you will be able to achieve.

While the massages we offer are healing, therapeutic and impactful, we can only achieve the desired results with a commitment to changing our habits.

We are here to serve and go on this journey of healing with you.

We hope to see you soon!


Luciana Andrus

Available Packages

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Post-Op Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

12 Sessions$2160
Package of 12 Sessions
Addt. Packages Available

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

5 Sessions$1035

Package of 5 Sessions: $1035
Package of 10 Sessions: $2070
Addt. Packages Available

Brazilian Body Contouring Package

5 Sessions$1260
With the purchase of the Brazilian Body Contouring package we will provide two orthomolecular products to help enhance your results.

Package of 5 Sessions: $1260
Package of 10 Sessions: $2520

Healing Touch Techniques & Maneuvers

5 Sessions$1035
Package of 5 Sessions: $1035

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