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Luciana Andrus

Luciana Andrus is originally from Brazil and has always been interested in holistic health and the healing arts since childhood. She believes in being a helping hand that helps the body heal itself. She is certified by the National Holistic Institute to work with different kinds of muscle issues, pre/post-natal mothers, as well as with infants, toddlers and older kids.

Luciana Andrus excels in holding a healing space for every unique client to greatly reduce tension and gain peace of mind. Each treatment is tailored to address specific needs; providing a therapeutic touch and relaxing bodywork using diverse skill-set to customize every session. This allowed her to develop the unique technique performed at the clinic, Just For You Bodywork & Massage and became an NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider.

*Please note: Luciana’s prices will differ from all other massage therapists*

Jordana Lerios

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Jordana Lerios grew up in the beautiful Marin county. When not working she loves to get outside and hike the magnificent trails! Jordana has been an esthetician for 18 years, but was always drawn to bodywork, movement & the remarkable ways the body can heal through touch. She has completed training and certification at Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts and McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland, CA with emphasis on trauma informed bodywork. Jordana is very passionate about holistic health and wellness, and treats each person she comes across with respect, a nurturing touch and compassion. The best part of being a therapist, is her opinion, is realizing how incredible the human body is, and how the learning journey never ends! Jordana has completed extensive hours training under the guidance of Luciana Andrus to join Just For You Team expanding in Post Op Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Luciana Andrus™

Tchana Moura

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Tchana Moura, born and raised in Brazil, is passionate about nature and animals since childhood. With a strong personality, she is an untiring advocate for a better world. Tchana cultivates good humor, positivity, friendships and good energy. From a very young age, she always loved taking care of her body, mind and spirit as a whole. Tchana believes in healing through healthy diet, exercise, good energy and quality touch. In 2010, Tchana become an esthetician, and has worked in the beauty and wellness industry. Through her work, she became passionate about the healing arts which led her back to school. In 2022, she graduated from Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts and McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland, CA and became a licensed massage therapist. Most recently she trained extensively under the guidance of Luciana Andrus expanding in Post op Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Luciana Andrus™ to join the Just For You Team. Tchana believes that touch and energy have the power to heal and transform others.

Lise Ramaley


Lise Ramaley grew up in Seattle, WA and began cultivating a life-long interest in health and wellness later in her childhood, especially with integrative and hands-on approaches to healing. She dedicated the beginning of her career to teaching elementary science and gardening and working in sustainable agriculture before deciding to transition into massage therapy. Lise attended the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork, and while she loved learning the anatomy of the muscles an bones, she was most drawn to the other systems of the body. This led to her fine-tuning her intuitive quality of touch to work with even the most sensitive nervous systems, as well as her excitement  to learn more about the lymphatic system. Lise is thrilled to be studying Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage and Post Op Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Luciana Andrus™  under the training of Luciana Andrus.

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