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Luciana Andrus

Luciana Andrus is originally from Brazil and has always been interested in holistic health and the healing arts since childhood. She believes in being a helping hand that helps the body heal itself. She is certified by the National Holistic Institute to work with different kinds of muscle issues, pre/post-natal mothers, as well as with infants, toddlers and older kids.

Luciana Andrus excels in holding a healing space for every unique client to greatly reduce tension and gain peace of mind. Each treatment is tailored to address specific needs; providing a therapeutic touch and relaxing bodywork using diverse skill-set to customize every session.

*Please note: Luciana’s prices will differ from all other massage therapists*

Paranee Thomson

Paranee is a professional massage therapist with over 900 hours of training across a variety of modalities from the National Holistic Institute. She has also completed two courses specializing in Thai massage from the University of Thai Massage in Thailand.

With over seven years of experience, Paranee has leveraged the strengths of her diverse knowledge to create her own unique massage style. Through her healing hands and feet, Paranee has helped transform the health and well being of many of her clients who have suffered from chronic pain as well as those who just seek relaxation and stress reduction. She is highly proficient in Swedish and Thai Deep Tissue with a specialty in Therapeutic Thai Massage.

Paranee is fascinated with the human body and has never stopped learning. She truly loves what she does and is deeply passionate about healing others. She is very excited to join the Just for You Bodywork team and expand her services to include Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage under the direction of Luciana Andrus. She looks forward to applying her extensive expertise to provide clients with highly effective results and the best possible experience in their journey to well being.

Sophia Zimmerman

Sophia Zimmerman has been a Massage Therapist  in the Bay Area for the past 9 years and graduated from the San Francisco National Holistic Institute in 2011. Sophia developed a deep passion for Massage Therapy since the young age of 8 when she tapped into her natural gift working on the shoulders of friends and family in need. Over the years she has honed her expertise working in top spas and with chiropractors throughout the Bay Area.

Sophia has devoted her life to helping people regain mobility and reduce stress with Swedish Massage and is thrilled to be part of the Just For You Team and expand her skills to include Brazilian lymphatic Drainage Massage under the direction of Luciana Andrus. She truly believes massage can heal your body, soothe your mood and uplift your spirits and looks forward to be part of your journey to optimal health.

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