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Living a balanced life and serve the needs

Of our diverse community for better

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We anticipate, listen and deliver with precision.


We foster good communication – it builds trust and a happy environment


Brings equilibrium to all areas of our lives


To do what is right when no one is watching


To live happily!

Luciana Andrus

Luciana Andrus is originally from Brazil and has always been interested in holistic health and the healing arts since childhood. She believes in being a helping hand that helps the body heal itself. She is certified by the National Holistic Institute to work with different kinds of muscle issues, pre/post-natal mothers, as well as with infants, toddlers and older kids.

Luciana Andrus excels in holding a healing space for every unique client to greatly reduce tension and gain peace of mind. Each treatment is tailored to address specific needs; providing a therapeutic touch and relaxing bodywork using diverse skill-set to customize every session.

*Please note: Luciana’s prices will differ from all other massage therapists*

Morgan Reynolds

Morgan Reynolds is a graduate of National Holistic Institute School of Massage Therapy with 800 hours of training in Eastern and Western Modalities of massage. She is a licensed massage therapist through the California Massage Therapy Association. While studying at NHI Morgan further developed her understanding of the body, and how it maneuvers. She has the keen ability to contribute to fellow beings and their quality of life.

Her client-therapist experience working in clinics and in private settings prepared her to provide others with a deep sense of therapeutic touch. Morgan’s love of the body and her intention to serve the community, provide ultimate relaxation, and complete nurture have led her to be the professional massage therapist she is today. With training in styles of massage such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial therapy she can utilize all her knowledge to provide a massage just for you.

After beginning to work under the instruction and training of Luciana Andrus, Morgan has been able to expand her skill sets to provide Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage to her clients as a part of the post operative rehabilitating process. Morgan’s desire to enrich and satisfy her clients experience is a gateway to their healing. She will be more than delighted to share this practice with all who enter into her presence. Morgan is now a part of the Just For You Massage team and is here to prioritize her clients wellness with health, and long lasting well being in mind.

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